Selecting The Best Enterprise e-commerce Platform That is Best for You

There are multiple e-commerce platforms that you can choose from. However, the list decreases when you are searching for an enterprise level platform. E-commerce solutions can become difficult quickly when you approach 5$ million in yearly revenue. If your company or business is approaching that target in the next one to two years or if your revenue is between 5million$-100$ across various e-commerce platforms, sites and marketing channels then here is what you are required to know.

Make a list of all the requirements

Create a SOW (statement of work) before going through with the e-commerce migration process. Most e-commerce businesses tend to humble a person each time you try to get comfortable, and this is why it’s important for you to pay close attention. In most cases, it’s very likely that you will go through e-commerce scalability in the coming months while going through a systems upgrade or e-commerce migration.

Assessing your overall operation

Hold numerous internal meetings and get suggestions or feedbacks from different departments like design, marketing, operations, supply chain and IT to evaluate your overall performance. You should also have a list of necessities when evaluating your overall performance.

Evaluating the kind of product that you have

Are you selling one teacup or are you selling a teacup that is available in different colors? If it’s the latter, then you will be selling various items. It gets more complicated if you are selling attires as you will be supposed to keep track of all the sizes and colors. These minor details are important in determining the selling and upselling alternatives you want to offer on your website.

Sales and marketing options

Your customers should not only be able to buy products from you through your website. When you change platforms, it’s important that all your marketing channels and sales remain put. There are various marketing channels which might work well with the type of product that you are selling as compared to others. You can work with channels like Amazon, Etsy, Walmart, eBay, and Facebook.

Platforms and maintenance

The type of platform which you will choose will depend on the kind of products which you sell, the quantity and also affordability. You can use enterprise platforms such as Magento enterprise, Shopify plus VTEX, and Big commerce enterprise.


There are various things that you should be aware of when changing enterprise e-commerce platforms. Before migrating to a new e-commerce platform, you should first make a list of the necessities, look for more sales and marketing options and also choose a platform that will work well with the type of products which you are selling.

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