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What is the difference between Shopify Plus and Magento Enterprise? What is the best enterprise ecommerce platform for your large company? Read and find out!

What is the difference between Shopify Plus and Magento Enterprise

Finding the perfect enterprise ecommerce platform is not easy. When it comes to choosing an ecommerce platform, it all comes down to what is the right fit for your large company. Your decision should depend on your business requirements, your marketing goals, and the budget you are willing to invest.

The good thing is that there is a right solution for every kind of business to attract more visitors and make them convert. The ultimate goal is to offer a reliable, secure, appealing, and easy-to-browse environment for your customers, from the second they have reached your site until they check out.

The two best enterprise ecommerce platforms on the market are Shopify Plus and Magento Enterprise, however, there are some key differences that will help you decide which one is the best for your large company:

1.Ease of Use:

Magento Enterprise is a leading ecommerce solution and almost 8.7% of the large companies are using it. Shopify Plus is also a great ecommerce solution with a smaller market share or 8.4%, however, this solution has gained a lot of popularity in the last couple of years. These two enterprise ecommerce platforms offer various options to their customers, for example, big-sized and mid-sized companies choose Magento to reach a bigger target audience and achieve a higher number of traffic and sales. Shopify offers a fully hosted and 24/7 support for their sellers, they serve totally different business requirements and marketing necessities. Mid-sized and small companies choose Shopify Plus as a better solution to launch their ecommerce sites. Both platforms come with an appealing user interface and a powerful CMS, and they both have lots of options you can use to customize your site’s appearance. Shopify Plus is more user-friendly than Magento EE, and Magento is more flexible and customizable. However, in order to use Magento, you will need to have the necessary technical experience or skills. Otherwise, you will have to hire a professional developer to do the job for you.

2. SEO Features:

Magento Enterprise offers all the tools you need to improve the functionality of your new site and can help boost your website ranking in Google and other search engines. There is no significant difference here as Shopify Plus offers the same powerful SEO features such as the option to edit the title, the meta title, meta description, alt tag for images, URL, and customize the photo file names, and etc.

3. Magento:

Magento is known as one of the safest enterprise ecommerce platforms and this is because it has all the flexibility you need to maintain the security level of your site. With Magento Enterprise you can create an ecommerce store as secure and robust as you want it to be. If you decide to use Shopify Plus, keep in mind that all the responsibility is passed to Shopify, including SSL encryption, Level 1 PCI DSS compliant, and etc. What are we trying to say here is that Shopify will run your site in a safe environment without your interference.

You should take into consideration that Magento Enterprise is more customizable, has more powerful security solutions, complex features, and support departments. To conclude – it is a better choice in the long run. Shopify Plus is a better choice if you need an ecommerce solution that it cheaper to maintain and has a faster implementation. What matters is to consider your needs and requirements and your final decision can help your company thrive.